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History of RLD Resources, LLC.

The founder and CEO, Richard Dent, formed RLD Resources, LLC, in October 1999. Richard played in the NFL, at a standard that warranted Hall of Fame attention, for fifteen seasons and participated in two super bowls. It was then that Richard decided to transition from a successful athlete to a businessman. Richard began his professional career in the areas of telecommunication and energy in 1997 with a partnership in First Energy. In a joint venture between Richard and First Energy the well-established telecommunications provider, First Communications, was purchased. The primary objective of this team was to grow market share in the telecommunications arena. After two years of working exclusively with First Communications, developing the know-how in the telecommunications world, Richard decided to form RLD Resources.

RLD Resources, a certified minority owned business, started with the owners investing sweat equity. Richard brought the same winning attitude and work ethic he had demonstrated on the field to RLD Resources. Telecommunications was the kickoff point for this new entity. The first year of operations was one in which most of the team’s effort was directed toward building infrastructure and establishing business processes to help clients find the most economic source of energy. In the second year, revenues started to grow and the energy part of the business began to take off.

When valuable expertise was demonstrated in the energy solutions and natural gas management field, business models were established. On the natural gas energy front, RLD Resources has, in a short period of time, expanded in the area of energy management and consulting.

RLD Resources has attracted the right talent and assembled the necessary technical support to find solutions to our clients’ needs.